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Shoulder pain is any pain around or in the shoulder joint. Since the shoulder is the most movable joint in your body, swelling, bone changes, or damage around the rotator cuff can cause pain in your shoulder. Recovering from shoulder injuries can take weeks, if not months, but massages and other physical therapy treatments can help relieve you of these pains in no time. At GoTherex, we have qualified specialists that can hold your hand and nurse you to full recovery.

Avoid surgery and relieve pain, and address the root cause of your shoulder pain with the guidance of GoTherex Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy Treatments for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain is best addressed by examining posture, the rotator cuff, and the muscles moving and stabilizing the shoulder blades. Therapy then often includes the following:

1. Increasing range of motion.
2. Improving posture.
3. Improving shoulder stability.
4. Improving shoulder blade stability.
5. Addressing other areas of the body that might be the root cause for why you injured your shoulder to begin with.
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    Shoulder Pain Relief and Injury Recovery Q&A

    How Does Physical Therapy Help With Shoulder Pain?

    Whether it is a tear to the rotator cuff or other injuries around or in the shoulder joint, physical therapy for shoulder pain and injuries provides you with an option of successful and non-surgical treatment.

    Physical Therapy provides treatments that will be custom-fitted to help you regain your mobility and also recover from injury. These treatments may include advice on altering your daily activities to help support your shoulders better and prevent re-injury.

    As earlier stated, it also prevents the need for surgery. Still, suppose you have to go for surgery inevitably. In that case, physical therapy helps prepare and strengthen the muscles around the region before and after the surgery.

    What are the types of conditions that physical therapists treat?

    The conditions treated include:

    • Rotator cuff tear and repair
    • Shoulder dislocation
    • Frozen shoulder
    • Tearing of tendons, ligaments, or muscles
    • Tendonitis
    • Impingement
    • Overuse injuries
    How long does physical therapy take for shoulder pain?

    Often we can resolved shoulder pain in just a few weeks. Sometimes, there is more going on than just a shoulder injury, in that case we may take a longer term approach up to a few months.

    Can physical therapy help me avoid surgery?

    Yes, often shoulder pain is best addressed by physical therapy and a comprehensive approach will avoid the need for surgery or injections. 

    Even if you require surgery, shoulder rehab prepares you for a better surgical outcome.


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    Matt was a wonderful physical therapist and I’m not just saying that! He’s professional, caring, and informative. He gives you suggestions and helpful exercises to make sure you prevent your accidents and pain from recurring. I would recommend him to anyone!


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    Matt has not only trained me, but taught me how to do these exercises properly, be careful with my nutrition and just give me an overall great workout.


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    I became interested in Matt and GoTherex after trying other gyms and trainers and realizing that my body didn’t respond well to the one-size-fits-all approach to exercise. Matt asked what my goals were and performed an evaluation to see what we were starting with. After observing how I had unknowingly modified my movements to prevent pain and injury, he was able to create a customized workout plan that restores my normal movements and builds strength. He and his team have been great in teaching techniques to prevent injury and pushing a pace that shows results while remaining enjoyable.

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