Concierge Physical Therapy

Expert Evidence-Based Care that Respects Your Investment of Time and Money.

When pain has limited you from reaching your goals, GoTherex guides you to decrease pain, increase strength, and get back to what you love.

What is Concierge Physical Therapy?

Concierge care is personalized physical therapy care specific to you, your history, your baseline, and your goals.  Every appointment will be 1 on 1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy starting with a comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and plan.  We take the time to listen to you and thoroughly evaluate your pain, your limitations, and your progress at each appointment.  We let you know when to seek additional help from other providers and we utilize our network to get not just our input on your diagnosis and progress but that of other providers.  We resolve pain, impaired movement, injury, and the root cause of your issue over the course of a care plan.

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What are the Benefits of Concierge Physical Therapy?

You receive expert care 100% of the time.  You decrease your pain and increase your quality of life in just weeks, while not having to take time off work for 3 weekly appointments.  You will resolve the symptoms and get back to what you love while learning how to resolve the root cause of your injury as well as prevent future injury.

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What is the GoTherex Difference?

A GoTherex Doctor of Physical Therapy works with you to problem solve and spends the entire session addressing the details of your therapeutic care including manual therapy, dry needling, movement therapy, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and detailed cues for each therapeutic exercise.  We follow the McGill approach to back pain followed by Dr. Stuart McGill author of “The Back Mechanic”.  We work with athletes where rest is not taking time off but is instead decreasing loading to allow for healing.  Our clients trust GoTherex after auto accidents, due to pain in their workouts, and because other providers did not give them the proper attention to resolve their issues.

The Plan


Start with a one hour Full Body Physical Therapy Evaluation where we will diagnosed not only your current pain but the source of why you are having your current pain.

decrease pain

Using the diagnostic information from the Evaluation we will decreased the pain while resolving the root cause of the injury.

increase strength

With pain no longer an impediment we will increase the stability and mobility of your joints while increasing your overall strength and resilience

return to what you love

Live Better, Stronger and Happier as you return to the activities you love and have left behind! Increase your vitality and longevity through continued exercise, nutrition planning, and self-care.

licenses and certifications

American Physical Therapy Association
myopain seminars
Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy
Augusta University

Testimonials and Reviews

Hear what our clients have to say about GoTherex Personal Training Suwanee GA

“Matt is AMAZING. He has worked with our son over the last year to resolve back pain from Scoliosis. Matt’s practice and trainers have helped our son make positive changes in his overall health and wellness. We are grateful for what Matt and his practice have done for our son.”

∼ Paige Thornton

“My experience with Matt went far beyond what I expected for my back injury and pain. Matt educated me on how to prevent further injury in any scenario. He would also support my requests for adjustments when I came in and I was in a little more discomfort than normal…”

∼ Tiffany Williams

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“…His methods of helping a patient recover are vast and not like a PT where you find yourself doing the same exercises every time. Also, as an M.D. , he shared advice that was extremely helpful and important on a multitude of levels, while giving the benefits of a physical therapist to rehabilitate. Highly recommend if you’ve had an injury and want more than just prescriptions or the same exercises every visit to PT. I learned how to take care of my body as a whole with Matt!!”

Matt has made such a huge difference in my neck pain!

∼ Julie Schramm

This is the 3rd time I have worked with personal trainers and the 2nd time I worked with a physical therapist on the personal training and I believe having the physical therapist focus is worth the investment of my time and money! This time I wanted to work with a physical therapist and I am thrilled with my choice of Gotherex. All of the individuals I have worked with have been excellent. Matt does a great job of explaining why I do a particular exercise and how it affects my body

∼ Judy

choose the program that best fits you

High Quality Equipment
1 Hour Sessions
Home Exercise Video Database
Biometric Evaluation
Blood & Hormone Analysis
Data Driven Programming
Healthcare Team
Nutrition Coaching
Customized Programming
Flexibility of Schedule
Personal Attention
1 on 1 with a Physical Therapist
Mobile Home or Office Services
Injury Rehabilitation
Manual Therapy & Stretching


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Today, Dr.Matt goes over standing archers, an exercise that he uses for clients to begin their workout sessions.
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Today, Dr.Matt goes through a warm-up exercise that can help to begin exercising as it focuses on the body and breathing before anything more intense. This exercise can be called either reach for the sun or reach for the sky.
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Today, Dr.Matt goes through a warm-up exercise that works on shoulder stability or activation and can help prepare for a bench press session. 
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Today, Dr.Matt introduces a scap pull-up, an exercise that can be used as a warm-up before pull-ups or chin-ups. They can also work on the back for those who can’t do a pull-up or want to make their pull-ups better.
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