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Do you exercise regularly, or are you a weekend warrior? Or, You might be an athlete, either a professional, semi-professional, or an amateur.  90% of sports-related injuries can be cured without surgical procedures.  Sports medicine helps with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and management of sports-related injuries.  

At GoTherex, we have sports rehabilitation specialists that will nurse you back to health as fast as possible and in the safest possible ways.

Sports Medicine & Injury Rehabilitation

Sports medicine is a division of medicine that deals with the treatment of sports-related injuries. It is an area of medicine specializing in assisting athletes and other people in preventing and recovering from injuries and preventing future injuries. 

In any sporting activity, injury can occur at any time. Professional athletes are more prone to these injuries due to the competitive nature of the sports they are engaged in. This is why sports injuries rehabilitation is as important in the sporting life of athletes.

Sporting injuries include injuries to the musculoskeletal system, i.e. the cartilage, bones, tissues and muscles.

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Objectives of Performance Physical Therapy

Restoring Muscle Strength

When athletes get injured and are undergoing sports rehabilitation, the first stage is to gradually put weight on the damaged tissue to restore its strength. This process is a delicate one and should be done with the assistance of sports rehabilitation therapists to avoid failing. 

When the process of putting weight on the damaged tissue fails due to overloading, the healing process starts from the beginning. At GoTherex, we have qualified sports rehabilitation specialists that have the perfect understanding of this process.

Restoring Muscle Endurance and Power

After the muscle strength has been successfully restored, the next step is to restore the ability of the muscle to work repeatedly without developing fatigue. This is called muscle endurance, and it is also vital for the body’s core muscles which support the pelvis and the spine.

Muscle power is the ability to produce force quickly, and a good base of muscle strength is required to do this. 

Improve Flexibility

After restoring muscle strength, endurance, and power, the next objective of sports rehabilitation is to improve flexibility. Flexibility is the ability to stretch your muscles without breaking them.

However, developing flexibility without strength makes you, as an athlete, prone to injury. This is why you need the guidance of our sports rehabilitation specialists to guide you through the process of your rehabilitation.

Proprioception and Balance

This is the human body’s ability to detect movement and soft tissue stress and trigger a reaction to prevent injury. This ability is usually impaired in athletes after injuries, and they need to be retrained.

At our sports rehabilitation center, our rehabilitation specialists are equipped with exercises that can improve proprioception and balance. These exercises help to improve the reaction time of muscles around the joints.

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