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Weight loss is usually about much more than just losing weight or fat.  The ultimate goal of weight loss is improved health, increased endurance, as well as feeling and looking better!

GoTherex takes a holistic approach to weight loss addressing how you move, decreasing pain, increasing strength, and guiding nutrition.

Our approach gives you the tools to optimise your metabolism and lose weight permanently.  We want you to reach your goals and to maintain your goal physqiue long term!

Personal Training for Weight Loss

Body Transformations. take time and usually go through the following steps:

  1. Get moving and Get Out of Pain - We help you to move more and to move better.  Our focus is to set a foundation for quality movement patterns that will reduce pain and help to prevent future injury as you get stronger and workouts get harder.
  2. Feel Better - With less pain and now moving more, you feel better and become more active in your day to day life.  Here we begin asking you to perform active rest sessions in-between training days.  You're feeling better and get to carry this momentum forward onto greater challenges.
  3. Getting Stronger - Muscle is active tissue and can build a fire that will burn calories and fat!  We stoke the fire and get your metabolism working for you.  The keys here are increasing activity strategically, while ensuring nutrition is balanced, sleep, and recovery are balanced with the increased demands on your body.
  4. Looking Better - It starts with standing up straighter as your postural muscles get stronger and have greater endurance, then you burn your bodies fat stores by maintaining a slight calorie deficit and increased overall activity.  You will see that the areas you put on fat last, will burn off first.  You face will slim as well as your arms, legs, and waistline.  Decreasing visceral fat is key, as your waistline decreases you will have less fat around your vital organs.  Visceral fat greatly affects your health and as we burn away your visceral fat you become a healthier person!
  5. Maintaining Your Goals - For most it takes 6 months to 1 year or more to reach their weight loss goals.  We recommend setting a goal to lose 1% of your bodyweight per week until your body fat is below 19% for men or 27% for women.  Remember that the scale is not the only way to measure your progress and it can be quite deceiving.  We measure your progress by changes in clothing sizes, fat %, weight, and strength.  

If your goal is to safely reshape your body.  GoTherex are the experts that will help you to safely get rid of excess body fat and keep it off.  No matter what you've tried before, we guarantee if you do it right, you won't need to try again. 

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Hear what our clients have to say

five star google review rating
My experience with Matt, went far beyond what I expected for my back injury and pain. Matt educated me on how to prevent further injury in any scenario. He would also support my requests for adjustments when I came in and I was in a little more discomfort than normal. His methods of helping a patient recover are vast and not like a PT where you find yourself doing the same exercises every time.


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Weight Loss Q&A

Why is Strength Training Better than Cardio for Weight Loss?

Strength training builds and activate muscle.  Muscle is active tissue that burns calories regardless of whether it is in use or not.  Increasing your muscle mass will increase your Basal Metabolic Rate.

Increasing your Basal Metabolic Rate can mean going from needing 1200 calories minimum per day to needing 1800 calories minimum per day.  This is irregardless of whether you exercise or not that day.

Cardio only burns calories when you are exercising.  A very challenging cardio workout burns 500 calories in 1 hour.  Buidling muscle can mean your body burns 500 more calories per day without exercise.  

So you choose, 1 hour of hard exercise daily to burn calories or building muscle overtime that burns 500 calories each day without even moving a muscle.

What are the common reasons GoTherex clients want to lose weight?

Common reasons include:

  • Preparing for a Wedding or Honeymoon
  • Gaining weight following bariatric surgery
  • Back and Knee Pain due to excess weight
  • Weight Gain due to Illness
  • Difficulty playing with their children or grandchildren
  • Have a goal of running a 10k or seeing their abs again

How long does it take to reach my goal weight?

We aim for 1% of your bodyweight lost each week.  So if you weight 200 lbs and want to get to 160 lbs that is 40 lbs to lose at 2 lbs per week or 20 weeks (5 months).  

Weight loss will not be in a straight line but 1% per week on average is acheivable for most and will help to prevent you from gaining all the weight back after you finish your program.  

Why will this work when everything else I've tried has failed?

Losing weight for good is about developing habits and a lifestyle that is that of someone at your goal bodyweight or body fat percentage.  

It takes time (6 months or more) and its challenging.  Losing weight for good takes tremendous discipline and self control.  

Most weight loss programs will teach you to lose weight fast using short cheats that will create change but are not long lasting.

GoTherex will take time.  Time is what you will need to make this new lifestyle a habit that you enjoy and look forward to.  You may even find you like foods your never imagined liking more than your old favorites, you might even enjoy exercising for the first time in your life and look forward to workouts!

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