Knee Injury Recovery Specialists in Suwanee

At GoTherex, we have specialists in sports medicine who know exercises and training that can help prevent knee injuries. Athletes are taken through exercises that can help to strengthen the core and the leg muscles.

We also have rehabilitation specialists that are knowledgeable about knee injury rehabilitation. They are available to provide treatments to patients in the event of non-surgical knee treatment. Our specialists can also provide therapy to patients about to undergo knee surgery

GoTherex can offer treatment in our clinic, at home, and via telehealth, to patients after knee injury surgeries—assisting and nursing our patients back to health in no time.

Physical Therapy for Knee Injury Recovery

If you have surgery your doctor will likely suggest several weeks of physical therapy to recover from your knee surgery.

You’ll work one-on-one with your physical therapist to design a treatment plan that will strengthen and improve movement in your knee or leg.  

Physical therapy treatments for knee injuries may include:

  • Strengthening exercises
  • Balance
  • Application of heat or ice
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Soft-tissue massages
  • Joint mobilization
knee recovery


Our #1 priority is helping our clients achieve their goals.


gotherex client

Matt was a wonderful physical therapist and I’m not just saying that! He’s professional, caring, and informative. He gives you suggestions and helpful exercises to make sure you prevent your accidents and pain from recurring. I would recommend him to anyone!


gotherex testimonials

Matt has not only trained me, but taught me how to do these exercises properly, be careful with my nutrition and just give me an overall great workout.


gotherex testimonials

Matt Reuschle set me up on a workout program in August of 2020 and I have been working with him ever since. I feel the best I ever have. I have been exercising my whole life off and on but Matt’s program has made more of a difference in just a few months. I highly recommend him to my family and friends all the time. 

Types of Knee Injuries


Injured ligaments, either stretched, partially torn or ruptured, are called sprains. Sprains are classified according to their level of severity. They are classified into grades I, II, and III.

Grade I Sprain

This type of sprain occurs when the fibres of the ligament are stretched, but there is no tear. It is the mildest ACL injury. The symptoms include slight pain in the knee, swelling, tenderness, and a bit of limit to mobility. Your knee is, however, still stable in this case. This type does not usually require surgery to treat, as rehabilitation specialists can treat it at GoTherex.

Grade II Sprain

Grade II sprain happens when fibres of the ligament are partially torn. The fibres of the ligaments are stretched to the point of getting torn. The symptoms felt in grade I are present in grade II, only that it is more severe. Additionally, your knee might feel unstable and feel like giving out during activities. This type of ACL injury can be treated with surgery and non-surgical procedures. The procedure that will be opted for depends on the severity and some other factors. Whichever method of treatment is eventually adopted, there is still a need for a physical therapist.

Grade III Sprain

This is also called ACL rupture, and it happens when the fibres of the ligament are completely torn. This type of injury is the most common type of ACL injury. Most times, the knee is usually unstable, and the symptoms are more severe.

Surgery is always almost the case with grade III sprain, but this is only possible when the swelling has gone down, and the leg can be extended fully.

Avulsion Fractures

Avulsion fractures occur when the ACL rips by fracturing either the femur or the tibia from where it attaches to the shinbone. 

Deficient Knee

Some knees do not have ACLs, and this impedes stability. The lack of stability which leads to knee-buckling during activities leads to other injuries. Surgery is usually recommended for young, active patients or patients whose topography or occupation requires climbing.

Complex and Multi- Ligaments Knee Injuries

This scenario occurs when coupled with ACL injuries; other injuries might be present in the knee. When this occurs, surgery is usually recommended to treat the ACL and other knee injuries present. 

Knee Strengthening Videos

Standing TKE with a Band

Three Way Lunge

Single Leg Squats