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Dr. Matt Reuschle, PT, DPT

Founder of GoTherex
I still remember my frustration at not being able to wrestle or jump on the trampoline with my kids after my back injury. I remember that frustration compounding after speaking with doctors and specialists who suggested that the path to back pain relief was to avoid flexing my core, lifting weights, and yes, roughhousing with my kids. 

Wasn’t restoring the ability to do these things the reason I I had surgery and went to rehab in the first place?

My job as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist is not to tell you what you can't do.  No.  My job is to empower and guide you to get back to doing exactly what you want to do.  

Getting you back to roughhousing with your kids, running a 10k, deadlifting 315, playing basketball, and climbing 1000 steps per day on your Greek vacation is what I do.

Don't Leave Movement to Chance.  Hire A Guide

When it comes to motivation, life change, and success, nothing is better than having a helping hand.  You need someone in your corner to guide you and be there to motivate you when you aren’t motivated yourself.  Hiring a guide confirms an investment.  Having paid for something is one of the greatest motivators for following through.  It needs to feel like an investment, want to know why you never went to your $30 per month gym?  It’s because it was so cheap it didn’t hurt when you didn’t go.  I bet you take care of your $20,000 car.  Hiring a guide brings accountability.  Working out alone is one of the quickest ways to stop working out. 

Remember when you had to go to the library to study in college?  How often did you flake out or go for only a few minutes and then start browsing the internet or just leave?  Now, what was it like when you had to meet a study group at the library?  You had to show up at a specific time, they kept you accountable to study while at the library.  They asked questions if you wanted to leave early.  They even made you study the boring parts that you would have skipped if you were there on your own.

You know you need to move more.  You want to live your best life.  You want to have the confidence to make hard decisions.  You want to have the strength to lift your children above your head.  You want to live a healthy and active life for as long as possible.  

Don’t leave movement to chance.  Hire a guide.  Make an investment.  Be accountable.  Literally, your life depends on it.

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