giuliana reuschle

I love people and I love fitness!  Born in Peru, I grew up in the capital of Lima getting my Bachelor’s in Communication from the University of Lima.  I have been enamored with fitness since my teens and you could usually find me in a pool of sweat on a gym floor somewhere.  No matter where I’ve lived, the challenges I’ve faced as a professional, a mom, and with my health, I always look to return to fitness and stay healthy through exercise.  I’ve gained so much weight I doubled in size with pregnancy, I’ve battled a poor diet and eating habits, and I struggled with diastasis recti.  Working with GoTherex and other middle-aged athletes is a huge privilege as we all share in the journey of overcoming our old habits, scars, and past experiences while approaching the challenges of aging well and looking great while doing it!  With GoTherex I am your onboarding and success guide.  Let me know how we can make your experience with GoTherex even better.

What Our Clients Have to say


gotherex client

Matt was a wonderful physical therapist and I’m not just saying that! He’s professional, caring, and informative. He gives you suggestions and helpful exercises to make sure you prevent your accidents and pain from recurring. I would recommend him to anyone!


gotherex testimonials

Matt has not only trained me, but taught me how to do these exercises properly, be careful with my nutrition and just give me an overall great workout.


gotherex testimonials

Matt Reuschle set me up on a workout program in August of 2020 and I have been working with him ever since. I feel the best I ever have. I have been exercising my whole life off and on but Matt’s program has made more of a difference in just a few months. I highly recommend him to my family and friends all the time. 

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