Why Movement Matters. As a child movement stimulates the development of memory perception attention memories and decision making.

Our world is defined by movement. The more we move, the larger our world. Our capacity to learn and grow builds upon the foundation set by movement. Take a moment to think about the difference that learning to walk meant to your life. All of a sudden you can see the objects on top of tables. In a moment, you can move from one side of the room to the other side. That same movement continues to play a foundational role in your happiness, perception, emotions, and intellect as an adult. Researchers found that exercise can increase your capacity to learn and to concentrate, in fact, one of the best times to make difficult decisions, to take a test, or learn a new skill is after a workout. Movement stimulates your brain to pay attention, and bring things into clarity. However, as adults, we usually move much less than we did as children. Honestly, at times, I feel that it’s just not possible to move as much as my six years old, who literally just wiggles himself to sleep.  With all that, we know about movement and its effect on our lives, we should feel obligated to purposively include movement in our routine. For most of us, include exercises as an afterthought or as a hobby.  Purposeful movement should be a priority in the adult life of every person, how it could not be? We know that the main risk factors for cancer, heart disease, and a mirror of other illnesses, are smoking, obesity, and a lack of exercise.  Each of these factors, we have control over it. And purposeful movement directly addresses two of these and indirectly affects the third.  In addition, purposeful movement will focus our minds and would make us better professionals and better decision-makers.
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