The dumbbell press is an excellent upper body exercise focusing on chest development. In the barbell bench press your hand position is fixed. While you can load the bar with more weight than using dumbbells, the range of motion is limited. The dumbbell press allows for the hands to move horizontally across your chest. This increases the activation of the pecs. Here are a few variations to try.

Personally, I prefer the dumbbell press vs the dumbbell fly as I view it as a safer alternative with much of the same gains.

?Alternating Dumbbell Press –
1️⃣ Rock back with the dumbbells on your knees and tuck your shoulder blades behind you with the dumbbells on the sides of your chest.
2️⃣ Hold one dumbbell steady and press the opposite dumbbell up and across above the shoulder.
3️⃣ Control the lowering of the dumbbell and hold while pressing the dumbbell of the opposite hand.
4️⃣ Alternate back and forth.  For a greater challenge, lower the weight and hold the low dumbbell just above your chest while pressing the opposite dumbbell.
?Single Arm Dumbbell –
1️⃣ This is very similar to the last movement, however, you will not have the opposite dumbbell to counterweight your body this time.
2️⃣ After kicking back tuck your shoulder blades behind you and engage your core.
3️⃣ Don’t let your body twist while you press the dumbbell up to above the shoulder and lower it in a controlled manner.
4️⃣ Complete 5 – 15 reps and then switch hands.
?Tempo Presses –
1️⃣ We are showing these at an incline, however, you can also perform these flat or in a decline.
2️⃣ After kicking back, tucking your shoulder blades, and engaging your core.  Press the weights up over your shoulders.
3️⃣ Slowly lower the dumbbells to the bottom of the movement.  Then, explode the weights forcefully up.  3 – 4 seconds to lower them, a 1-second pause, and press them as fast as possible.
4️⃣ Repeat for 5 – 20 reps.
Try these upper body exercises!

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