The core musculature does more than just flex and extend the spine, it also rotates and prevents rotation of the spine. Today’s exercises focus on preventing rotation of the spine while loading the upper body from various angles. Let’s see some core strength exercises that can help you get a stronger core.

?Single Arm Row and Press –
1️⃣ Secure a band at around shoulder height.
2️⃣ Step back from the band holding with one hand until there is tension on the band.  Now keeping your body straight and chest up in good posture, pull your elbow back behind your waist.  Repeat with the other hand.
3️⃣ Now, turn and face away from where the band is secure and step away from the support to put tension on the band with your arm bent and hand just outside your chest.  Now press your hand straight out and in front of your body.  Do not rotate your upper body.
4️⃣ Repeat for repetitions and focus on keeping your core from twisting and upper body as stable as possible.  Don’t twist and don’t rock back and forth.  Control the band.
?Pallof Press –
1️⃣ Use the same band and now hold it with both hands and face sideways.  Step out to put moderate tension on the band with your hands gripping it in front of your chest.
2️⃣ Push the band out away from your chest until your arms are straight.  Keep your hands centered in front of you and don’t allow your shoulders or upper body to turn.
3️⃣ Repeat for reps and then switch and face the opposite direction.  The key is preventing motion throughout the body and just moving the arms back and forth.
?Single Arm Overhead Press –
1️⃣ Lower the band to secure it at about hip height.  Start with the same positioning as the Single Arm Press but with the hand just outside the shoulder.
2️⃣ With tension on the band at the shoulder.  Push your hand forward and up above your head.  Lower your hand to your shoulder slowly and with control.
3️⃣ Don’t bend sideways nor allow rotation of your upper body.  Focus on the only movement being the extension and bending of your arm.
4️⃣ Repeat for reps on both sides.
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