Bench day, every day! Well, maybe not so much, however you can bench more often if you vary your setup. Here are some variations to try.

?Floor Press –
1️⃣ Set your barbell on safety supports or a rack that you can reach from the floor.
2️⃣ Lie down under the bar with knees bent. Align your eyes with the bar and ensure your shoulders are not under the supports or rack.
3️⃣ Unrack the barbell and bring it above your shoulders. Now lower the bar just as with bench press towards your nipple line.
4️⃣ Lower the bar until your triceps both touch the floor and then press the barbell up and back above your shoulders.

?Close Grip Bench Press –
1️⃣ Close grip bench press will really challenge your triceps and is good for a good squeeze of the pecs.
2️⃣ Setup is just as for bench press with your shoulder blades tucked back and down behind you on the bench, a slight curve in your lumbar spine as you firmly place your feet on the floor.
3️⃣ This time grip the bar at shoulder width and lower to your chest. Push back up and repeat.

?Incline Press –
1️⃣ Set the bench back at a comfortable incline. The higher the incline the more you bias the upper chest and shoulders.
2️⃣ The positioning for this is similar to a flat bench press with a lumbar curve, and secure feet on the floor.
3️⃣ The barbell should be above your chin and ensure your shoulder are in front of the rack so that you can bring the barbell straight down and straight up.
5️⃣ Lower the bar to the top of your chest and then push it back up. Unlike the flat bench press, the incline press moves straight up and down. As a beginner, check your setup without weight on the bar first to ensure you are in the right position. If you set the bench too far back, the weight will fall forward onto your stomach as you are not able to keep it directly over your shoulders.

Enjoy a chest workout more often by varying your bench press.

It’s also a great way to ensure you are challenging the pecs.

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