The deadlift is one of the best and most challenging exercises to perform. It’s also great for showing off once you get proficient as it will likely be the exercise in which you can move the most weight. Don’t rush it, get your form right and allow your core and spinal musculature to adapt before throwing on the plates.

?Conventional Deadlift –
1️⃣ Here the bar starts just in front of our shins with legs close together. Arms grip the bar outside of the legs and hips push back.
2️⃣ Brace your core and pull the bar towards your shins as you pull the bar up until you feel the full weight on the bar. Then drop your hips just a bit to bring the bar off of the floor and push the floor away from you driving with the legs.
3️⃣ Pull your body upright and the barbell towards your hips as you squeeze your glutes to stand.
4️⃣ Try not to over-extend at the top, however, ensure you are fully straight at the hips. You can drop the weight if you have bumpers and a safe floor or remain braced and lower the weight to the floor.

?Sumo Deadlift-
1️⃣ Here the feet are placed wide and usually the toes point out a bit. The arms go in between the legs and grip the bar closer together. You will notice you start in a more upright position.
2️⃣ Take the slack out of the bar lifting to meet the full resistance of the weight. Now drive your chest up finishing by driving your hips forward as you push your feet into the floor.
3️⃣ Don’t let your spine bend forward and work on moving your chest and hips up at the same time.

?Romanian Deadlift –
1️⃣ Start with the same setup as the conventional deadlift.
2️⃣ This time, from the top, don’t drop the bar. Instead, keep your core braced and lower the bar slowly to a height below the knees before the plates touch the floor.
3️⃣ Drive back up to the top and repeat for reps. Each time controlling your descent and not allowing the plates to touch the ground.

Deadlifts really challenge the body.

Especially at the beginning, don’t perform more than 2 deadlift days per week.

You may find 1 day is sufficient for a while.

However, deadlift should be a key component of your program as its an essential movement that we use every day to pick up objects.

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