MMany of us spend hours and hours sitting at our desks. Here are a few stretches to help loosen up every hour or so. These work best if performed regularly and won’t take but a couple of minutes.

?Seated Chest Openers-
1️⃣ Sit up straight in your chair pushed up against the back.
2️⃣ Grasp your hands behind your head and open up your elbows as you lean back against the chair.
3️⃣ Allow your head and shoulders to bend back if possible, depending on your chair back. Open up your elbows for a deeper stretch.

?Seated Piriformis Stretch –
1️⃣ Cross one leg over the other knee at the ankle.
2️⃣ Push the knee down to increase the stretch. Keep your body upright.

?Seated Rotations –
1️⃣ Sit up tall and straight in your chair.
2️⃣ Place one hand on the outside of that same side knee and take the other hand and stretch the arm out straight.
3️⃣ Turn away from the side with your hand on the knee as far as you can stretching out the back of your hand away from you.

?Seated Child Pose –
1️⃣ Sit up tall and straight in your chair and stretch your arms out straight placing them on your desk.
2️⃣ Now slide your chair out from your desk while keeping your palms lying on the desk.
3️⃣ Stretch back by elongating your spine by keeping your arms outstretched with hands on the desk while pushing your spine flat and hips away from the desk.

Working at home can be tough if you are not used to sitting at a

desk all day, however, it’s even easier to perform these simple

stretches when you don’t have an audience watching your every move.

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